Want to get published?

Why not do it yourself—and make a living from it!

I’m looking forward to my interview with NAIWE on the 16th of this month, where I’ll be discussing the critical steps involved in successfully self-publishing your book. And the key is successfully. 

Any number of experts and books out there can offer the nuts and bolts of how to self-publish, but have the authors actually made money on their books worth bragging about?

I started self-publishing in 2000, and thus far, my five books (70,000 copies in print) and related spinoff products and services have provided me with a full-time living since 2001.

And I’ll be sharing how I pulled that off in my 10/16 talk. Of course, I share far more of that nitty-gritty how-to detail in the brand-new, just released, updated edition of my 2007 double-award-winning (and fun!) title: Well-Fed Self-Publisher: How to Turn One Book into a Full-Time Living. Visit www.wellfedsp.com for sample chapter, table of contents, and some pretty strong testimonials (if he does say so himself…).

And, by the way, the new release is SO new, that it’s currently ONLY available through my web site above (where you’ll find both hard copies and multiple ebook formats), NOT on Amazon or in the bookstores.

Fact is, landing a publisher has never been harder.

Even when you do, count on anemic royalties, 24 months to publication, giving up the rights to your book, and still doing most of the marketing yourself! Meanwhile, self-publishing has become easier, more viable, and more potentially lucrative than ever before.

Here are some of the things we’ll talk about on the 16th, and which you’ll find in far more exhaustive detail in the book itself. You’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a “marketing mindset”—minus the anxiety!
  • Create a book that turns heads and grabs eyeballs
  • Find tons of reviewers anxious to publicize your book
  • Get your books into bookstores and keep them there!
  • Build a cash-generating web site that works 24/7
  • Avoid the fickle (and largely ineffective) mainstream media
  • Parlay one book into multiple income streams
  • Separate the “Print-on-Demand” hype from reality
  • Use social media to actually sell books (vs. waste time…) (NEW!)
  • Maximize ebook profits four different ways (NEW!)

Most importantly, you’ll learn a radical new approach to book promotion, one that keeps you in control of events. The result: less anxiety, higher profits, and more fun!

Hope you’ll join us! 

Peter Bowerman, veteran commercial writer, speaker and business coach, is the self-published author of the multiple-award-winning Well-Fed Writer (a Book-of-the-Month Club selection) and Well-Fed Self-Publisher titles. With over 70,000 copies in print, his books have earned him a full-time living since 2001. He has well over 30 years combined experience in sales, marketing, copywriting, publishing, and book-titling (www.titletailor.com).

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